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Sand In The Ocean Paroles

Orange Merchants

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Paroles de Sand In The Ocean

There's a ship going far
Off to a better place than here
If I could only get aboard it
I'd be forgotten within a year
But it's only fit for a captain
So it'll never happen

A thousand miles of salt and rocks
From warm to cold then from cold to shock
Oh, if I could make it across
But I'd surely get lost

Devotion to find a greater place to be
I won't find it by trying to cross over the sea
They filled the ocean with sand but it was all in vain
No one's ego is big enough to try to play their game

Continents diVided by pure blue
The coast is a place to dream
When I dream about here I blame it on all of you
Sometimes this dull land makes me want to scream
But then everyone would hear me
Isolation is only to the east

A hundred miles of buildings and dust Chorus

All the sand in the ocean, I could never walk across it
They could drain half the ocean, I would still sink