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San Francisco Riot Paroles

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Paroles de San Francisco Riot

“San Francisco Riot”

The smoke finally clears up from the sky
And the crew's done picking up the debris
The police cars drive away in the night
Detaining both innocent and guilty

It was a protest and things went wrong again
A plea for peace that resulted into more enemies
There's a lot of fucked-up things in this world
And we gotta learn to fix them ourselves

But if the masses can't convince?....
Then who will?

The message was sent and we all know it was clear enough
But if there hadn't been aggression maybe things wouldn't gotten rough
Why yell for peace when you're smashing somebody's face?
We have to learn to get our senses straight

It was supposed to be unity but then some people were shunned
It was supposed to be chants and posters but people brought clubs and guns......
It was a riot!

Now the paper shows a cover of war Why can't we put down our shields and talk this over face to face?
Yet another one of modern society's mistakes
Days of preparation gone to waste....
Another television broadcast that'll brings us all disgrace

But if we're tbying to build freedom
Why is it always walls that we create?

The message was sent but it wasn't well received
Pepper spray, lead bullets and a night covered with screams
Now it's over so what are you thinking?
I think it's time we all start forgiving


(1-minute solo, fadeaway)