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Murray Avenue Paroles

Orange Merchants

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Paroles de Murray Avenue

On Murray Avenue
There's fire in the sky
And I hear cries
And chaos is renewed....once again

Get the ladders
And climb into the burning buildings
The hoses can't keep this monster down
And the goddamn wind is turning
People are running up and down the street
I think this place is caving in
The victim is humanity
The killer is humanity

The screaming kids
They don't like this type of fireworks
The smoke chocking us all...
But there's the feeling of love
We all love to help you survive...
On Murray Avenue

Pressurized water mixes with the sweat of the braves
Go get some caskets and go dig up some graves
Because we won't win today
Any last rites that we should say? You let him die
A single bomb has gone off
But so have a hundred lives
In only thirty seconds a community street
Has transformed into a fiery war scene

A craven criminal, probably male
With nothing better to do than take lives
Maybe he had an attempt to regress
Too late, the trigger had been pressed

The screaming sirens
They only add more to the drama
The fear freezing us all...
Posing in a picture to be folded under tragic ruins
But thank God for love
We'd all love to give you a hand...
To get through Murray Avenue
But we can't.