Paroles de Almost Right

She was so pretty indeed
But when it was finally time to meet
You didn't understand her needs
So you left her alone with cold feet

You need to understand that she's so very special
And that you sometimes can be so very evil

Don't drown yet, your head's still floating
She may be crying but her heart's still smiling

It was almost right
But not quite
Don't give up the fight
You can still win her back tonight

I bet she has a little diary
The pages right now must be weeping
It's up to you to change its sad story
Turn the epilogue into a happy ending

You need to understand that she is strong inside
She doesn't want you to make her live your life

Don't give up, pick up the phone One ring, two rings
Then a trembling voice
Your apology and a choice
One sob, two sobs
Then silence aside from your ticking clock

She gives you one last chance
Don't throw it out the window this time

She gave you one last chance
If you mess it up I guess I'll just laugh