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On Course Paroles


Album Truth Or Dare

Paroles de On Course

Only as i slowly freeze,
i think of you,
i think of you,
and now i know where now one´s ever been,
right next to you,
right next to you,
around me radiant white,
deep in this ocean of ice,
where now my compass is lost i am on course,
straight back to you,
the storm drives me over the sea,
away from here,
i search for your tracks in the snow,
only because angels freeze,
i feel your touch,
i feel your touch,
and only after my blood´s frozen stiff,
i feel so much,
i feel so much,
i´ve been through hell and beyond,
running and cold for so long and now all my hope is gone,
i am on course... i´m drifting away,
back on course... i search for your tracks in the snow

(Thanks to isirider for these lyrics)