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Paroles de Breathtaker

Midnight - All the kids are asleep
Moonlight - Makes them breathe in so deep
Inside - Hunger cuts like a knife
Upside - I can smell the real life

I'm climbing their beds - I lift up their heads
I open my mouth - Oh! I love all the brats

'Cause I'm the breathtaker
I am the death fake - Ha!
I am the fear of your family
I am the boneshaker
I am the breathtaker
And I'm gonna make you blue...

Nightmares - Make your sheets soaking wet
Upstairs - All alone in your flat

You end up your sighs - You open your eyes
You struggle and fight but I smother your cries

'Cause I'm the breathtaker...
...The hell-quaker
I am the breathtaker
And I'm really stuck on you...

They open the door - You lie on the floor
And though they will try you won't breathe anymore

'Cause I'm the breathtaker...
...The heart breaker
I am the breathtaker
And I'm gonna get you, too...