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Paroles de Something's Not Right Here

[UK Bonus Track]

Come, come, my dear
Take flight, come near
I see your fear creeping around you
First love, then hate, then love, no, wait
Your confusion, it's gonna kill me
I broke for you, I woke for you
You taught me through, God love you,
I see the signs are out of line
No fault of mine
Except for don't say his name now

I'm breaking out, something ain't right here
You're falling out something ain't here

The scream, I burn
What's that, you say
Your cloud it's telling you lies now
You hear my voice,
You make some noise
You stole my choice
It's over now
Pray for him now
I speak to you
Why can't you see it?


I'll pray for you now
I'm speaking to you

(Thanks to dina for these lyrics)