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Heaven Knows No Pain Paroles

One Man Army And The Undead Quartet

Album Error in Evolution

Paroles de Heaven Knows No Pain

This paradise
This hell which you all call home
Filled with plastic beauty
Where death is glory - The hookers den
These bloodred streets
Where the cloud casts a shadow
And that definite darkness
Roll of the rich man

He's a collector of ghosts

Devil man - schizophrenic hot loving man
He bears the burden of satan's toy
Cause heaven knows no pain

Heaven knows no pain
Heaven knows no pain

Within the mind
Of loneliness and broken thoughts
The good and the bad
Eating each other up, the hole's getting bigger
Obsessive violence
Hunting beauties down
Savage rampage
The demon's fucking them to death
Heaven knows no pain
Heaven knows no pain

- I didn't wanna do it, trust me, I really didn't wanna
But tasting her flesh made me more certain than ever

Romance in the reapers nest, A place if no recovery
The man of the dark makes love in motel 666

- I really wanted to do it, trust me, I really really wanted
Otherwise the bitches wouldn't stop haunting me in those wet dreams

- This is my heaven and heaven is good