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Underneath A Cherry Tree Paroles

One Amazin' Kid

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Paroles de Underneath A Cherry Tree

I remember this place so clearly.
The rage that melted in your arms.
And the way your hands sent me
To a season free from all harm.

I feel the warmth of memories,
But not of your embrace.
You with eyes larger than heart
Lost in your love space.

Please, don't look back on me.
Don't ask of me.

Fall creeps in so slowly.
The summer red won't go away.
But forever a chill comes over
With the blood that flows through your veins.
Your denial is your death.
Empty years pass while you bathe
In the golden mist of his breath,
As your heart lies in the grave.

Please, don't look back on me.
Don't ask of me, because i am gone.
Dead in your eyes.
As i fix my gaze to the sky,
To take my heart completely
And finally say goodbye.