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Fireflies Stuck Up In That Bluish-Black Thing Paroles

On Watership Down

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Paroles de Fireflies Stuck Up In That Bluish-Black Thing

Right down to earth, is where I have landed.

Crashed down to this world Lost in emotion.

Bring back the night, blue blankets block the world I long for. Stranded on rock and water stuck here by vacuum.

We make great parasites on a dead host, with no fortune. Work our whole lives and in dead we have nothing. Control made of paper, circulate in this disorder.

You know not where you go once your grave has been filled. Back to the dirt with the shell that we've molted. Why lay in a grave at all, just line the streets with corpses, so we can come to be okay. Pour me slowly this drink of whiskey. Don't want to suffer in my own belligerents, now bore me quickly with your lecture again.

World down below, the surface barely touched by science. A dominant species we claim, and live and die for nothing. If we could be loaded into programs strapped into a station, we'd ride frequencies of virtue, image, and creation. I saw the sun and then it burnt out my eyes.

So pave the way to purgatory, I'll meet a familiar face. I hope the ghosts are lurking, I'll ask them if we live or die here. Won't you come inside and have a drink with me, I'm suffering, I'm all torn up inside. Take this piece of me and mend it with your lips, I'm losing it, I'm all torn up inside. I've seen better days, they came and went. Then I opened my eyes. I've seen better days, that last forever, then I opened my eyes and let go.

I hope it's over now I taste the razors edge, I'm past the crimson red.

Round tonight, round and round we go tonight, spinning on this axis tonight. Round and round we go.