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O (Official Remix) Paroles


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Paroles de O (Official Remix)

(feat. Ray Cash)

Remix (O)
Remix (yep yea yea)

[Verse: Ray Cash]
I made her scream o
That's what she yelled
Room 216 Cleveland motel
A pimp in ma own mind homie I can't tell
Cuz afta last nite ima pimp to her as well
Said her man half ass
He don't do as well
So she made me promise that ima kill it I shall
So she took off ma dickies I took offf her Chanels
She dropped down her vickies that's when she began to yell (O)

I know you heard man say it time and time again
That they would rock yo world and change yo life
But I can't blame them cuz you make a ni99@ wanna get involved (wanna get up in them drawers) hey
Well ima put ma bid in and get at chu
No disrespect but I want it as bad as they do
The otha difference is they look put for themselves
But I do it jus to hea you yell
Don't have to say my name girl I'm jus glad chu came(well you can say my name but)
In a morning at nite
You saying O means O is hittin' it right
You can't be mad at me I just want to hea you scream (O)

[Ad libs:]
If you can drop it stick it to yo sidekick you the hotest thing wit ma name

[Verse 2:]
Girl come on ova and lets get this thing crackin'
You be surprised when you see what those I'm packin'
Cuz I'm young but I'm ready
Wanna get hot and heavy
Tell you what momma if you let me
Girl let me take you somewhere that chu never been
Show you things that'll make you wanna show yo friends
And you so weak that chu can't even say a thing
Bur that's ok (ok)
All you got to say to me is O

I lean and rock shortie if you feeling it throw up maleta(yea)
Mommie nice cuz she sippin' on amaretta
She on ma drop top yes ima let her

[Ray Cash:]
I got 'em like O
No girl I don't know
This ni99@ hea got a swagga like
He might know dough
Look I don't know but ima try it
If he sell it ima buy it
Hell he look like a hustla girl ima customer
O and did I mention I'm from O Hi Ho's
I mean Ohio
Wit chu know bout smoking and leaning
Ol' skool chevy so fresh so clean and
That hennessey is what I'm drinking
I'm blow wanna get down
Hop in lets roll take a hit of dis a sip of that
And we can get low
Use the white liquor I suggest you sip slow
To you freaks when you see me in the streets scream O

[Verse 3:]
See the O is for overtime
Believe me mom I'm nice in the clutch
Coarse ova yo body roll you up like a dutch
I do what chu wanna wit I'm puttin up
I'm ready to crush
But I ain't tryna wake the neighbors up
Put ma chain between ma teeth
Just to hold ma medalion up
So it won't tap yo chin
And now you just can't get enough
Back it up like a pick up truck
Naw all you got to say to me is O


From the streets to the club from the club to the after party mommie you can bounce to this