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Blind Unicorn Paroles

Olivia Lufkin

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Paroles de Blind Unicorn

Everyday I bicker with the city life
When midnight creeps I spinkle holy water on hints
I scrutinize people tread on city lies
and they don't even recognize it
I slip in between the cracks to hollow chase
A time race
Embraced by the demons
Laced up by the government
Feasted by humans
Feasted on humans
Sweat rush fall under the spell
Someone is bound to tell

I crucify my beauty psyche
Anticipate the return of heed
When the doesn't reflect
and keeps moving in one direction
there's no room for my tension to ease
Hesitation cascades
Into the roots that branch down
into the earth
Magnetize look-a-likes
and unconsciously construct a haunted kingdom
with perpetual halls
I pray to god this is only evanescence
I have my own ways that I stride
and I'm not going to stride along the lines
of your fucking guidance
Fuck the apocalypse stars
And let me follow my own natural instinct
Unlinked from your universe
And your curse
Immerse my diverse ways of my mind
You make things worse
When you babble on about staying positive
and being good
and keeping sane
and sleeping right
and removing my dirty nail polish
You don't think I fucking know that?

I'm riding on a blind unicorn
I'm riding on a blind unicorn
I'm going to throw up now