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Glass Hearts Paroles

Of Mice & Men

Album Restoring Force

Paroles de Glass Hearts


Early's not the hardest for you to, my love.
They walk right by me as if I'm not there.
A night in my house, I'm still all alone.
This is not a home if you can't even see me.

The scars on my body, they don't even bleed.
I never do this for me.
The scars on my body, they don't even bleed.
I only do this for you to see.

How am I supposed to see through your eyes?
When you never saw us.
We're falling at your feet.

I that saw, is that what they say?
For so long I tried to get them to hear me.
Kicking and stabbing their words feel like knives.
Tearing and ripping the seams of my life.

I tried to fix them their words hurt like stones.
I just wish they'd leave me alone.

I am on my knees, I need you to hear to me.
I am on my knees, They hurt me, please. I know what you've been through,
There's always a light.
You have to keep pushing, I see through your lies.

These days are like pages, the chapters are done,
you have to keep turning you book till the end.