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Fortress Of The Damned Paroles

Obscure Vortex

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Paroles de Fortress Of The Damned

Enter the gates of his fortress
Enter the gates, leave all behind
Hover through the fog and filthy air
Prepare for your most worse nightmare
Guardians of his dark majesty
Will lead you through... just follow
There's no turning back any more
Once step through these blasphemic halls
You can't cross the morbid walls
The lord of light is above
Your one of darkness is here
Feel his black embrace
Dimensions of eternal hate
Fortress of the damned
At the gates your time has come
Another battle he has won
Enjoy the last sunburst
White changes into black
As he touches your bloody neck
Remind your own black funeral
Dominate the dead, this burial never forget
No memories from your life in anguish
Visions getting blurred
As youf eel this spiritual hurt
Wish to tell light your last desire
Reign of God will fall, which you admire Fortress of the Damned