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Don't Upset The Rhythm Paroles


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Paroles de Don't Upset The Rhythm

Don't upset the rhythm though
Don't upset the rhythm
The time is right
Th' sun is sleeping in the sky
Free Yo' Mind
You never know what you might find
What's your vice?
You know we won't compromise
So let me show you
Some-thing super beau-ti-ful
Lets rock the boat
The magic is unstoppable !
For on the floor
It's the rhythm you've been wai-ting for
Pure de-light
Kick, Snare, Hat-Ride!
Its all up to you
And whatever you do
Don't cut into my action
(Go baby, go baby GO !)
Don't upset the rhythm though
(Go baby, go baby GO !)
Don't upset the rhythm
(Go baby, go baby GO !) And a baton microphone
Can't get home
But you can use my dog and bone
We'll crank that stereo
Even when the speakers blow
Just meet me up in paradise..
What-ever it takes
To car-ry you away
It all comes down to actions
Chorus 5x