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Paroles de I Miss U I MISS YOU

And I never meant to hurt you
I never meant to pull you down
I really am sorry,I really am sorry

I made a big mistake lettin'you go
I know now he ain't the one for me and never will be
You're the only one,I want ,I need
To respect you fully, I really am sorry

I miss you
I miss you
I want you back fo good

I made a big mistake
And shouldn't of cheated on you
I'm so mistaken now
And I think of all them times we were together

Gosh,I made myself look like fool
And I hope I didn't miss out on my true love
I so stupid for thinkin' he was for me
Now I know he wasn't,please will you take me back?

I miss you
I miss you
I want you back for good

Girl,don't give me that damn mouthwash
I don't wanna hear ya talk no more ,alright?
I'm so sick of ya, I don't miss you at all no more

I don't miss you, I don't miss you
Pretty face don't speak to me or give me that dribble

I'm sorry, I'm sorry,I'm sorry
I don't care ,ya wastin' your time
Please let me back in it was a mistake
No,no,no,not gonna happen

I miss you
I don't care your not coming back
I miss you
Too bad ,you're not apart ok ma life no more
I want you back for good

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