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Paroles de Adorn (yeah woooha)
These lips can't wait to taste your skin, baby.
And these eyes can't wait to see your grin.
Oh baby, just let my love, just let my love adorn you.
(Please baby, yeah)
You gotta know (2x)
You know that I adorn you
(Yeah baby)
Baby, these fist will always protect you, lady
And this smile (oh)ill never neglect you, yeah baby.
Oh baby)
And they steady try to break us down, don`t let that effect us!
(No baby)
You just got to let my love, let my love, let my love adorn you.
Ahh, le, le, le let it just adorn you.
You got to know (2x), know that I adorn you.
(Just that babe)
I (oh) let my love adorn you,baby.
Don`t you ever, don`t you let no one tell you different baby.
Always adorn you
You got to know (3x) now yeah
(Oh yeah)
The same way that the stars adorn the sky yeah
look up you do now
(now hey hey hey)
the same way that my whole world is in your eyes
(uh) and it's time now to let, let my love adore you, baby
(hey) le le le let it just adorn
you gotta know baby
you gotta know that i adore you girl
(oh) love ain't never looks so good on you
put it on, baby
let my love adorn

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