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Michael Hurley

Paroles Hog of the Forsaken

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Paroles de Hog of the Forsaken And the hog of the forsaken
Got no reason to cry
He got to chew the angels
Fallen from on high

He ain't waiting for no answer
Baking woeful pie
Pie of eyesight, pie blue-black
Whoa that pie, the pie of bye-n-bye

And the hog of the forsaken
Well, he ain't like you and I
With bones always breaking
And no place to go and lie

He sit in the bog so dark and wet
He got so much time
He ain't even worried yet
The hog of the forsaken
He is the pork of crime

And the hog of the forsaken
He will leave you on more chance
Which if you won't be taking
He leave it for the hence

It's out in the wilderness
He sings for friend and foe
He sings for those times as well
As those times to go
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