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Paroles de Ladies Love Chest Rockwell People want to know what's the secret to chest rockwell's
Ability to pick up all these beautiful women
Is it your good looks ?
Is it that big bulge in your pants ?
Could be that fancy car you drive ?
That i lease and change every other year, but
You don't need to know that
I say look
I'm gonna let you in on a little secret
My man nathaniel merriweather, you know
A little running buddy from handsome boy modelling school
Made this thing called
Music to make to your old lady by
Barry white used to work
Shoot, even abba used to work the way i was doin' my thing
But man, you put this on
And the hos just go wild
I'm telling you
Music to make to your old lady by
You know, you tried cognac
Even tried givin' her some weed
Shoot, you might've even tried ecstasy
But ain't no sheer ecstasy until you try
Music to make to your old lady by
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