Paroles de LA Stars

Everybody in LA wants to be a star
Grab a major part in a movie, ride a brand new car
Everybody in LA, lives a part of the dream
Fancy names and places plastered on a movie screen
Oh everybody in LA wants to be a star
I went to LA
I went to be a star
Travelled 10 hours with a demo tape under my arm
But the girls and boys of the LA scene, the waiters in the cocktail bars
Said its not who you know, its who you blow!
Oh everybody in LA wants to be a star

Everyone in LA wants to be a star

Catch a leading part and be admired from afar
Casting at three to pay the agents fee.
I went to LA I wanted to be a star

Everybody in LA longs to be a star

So many people want to be a star that theres no room for any normal people

Its a lovely dream living in LA
Living to be a star
A dream to be a star Glare from the amount of stars
Silicone stars glisten at night

Hollywood calls the stars
But can the waitress in a bar
Really get the part
Along side a man twice here age

There are no angels in LA
Only those who wish to become a star

Hollywood calls and half the population calls
Im here, Im here
Im only the waitressing in a bar until my time is up!
Holly wood calls and most of the population falls at its feet.
Waiting patiently for auditions
The town is waiting for the audition

The rest of the world are sheep
And will pay heavily for their upkeep