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Paroles de Merlin The Wizard

feel my body
Full of joy and life
My spirit is strong
But this is not a human's one
I'm the last of the former holy man
So I must learn to use the magic...
That exists everywhere
All the secrets all the invocations
I will have to use.
I will find the old folk
'cause I have to know their
Hidden wisdom
If I want to win.
I am Merlin glorious and wise
I come from the land of the
Nymphs and fairies
That no one remembers now.
I keep alive the magic world
In the remembrance of
Mankind so it will never die.
I will go towards where
Someone called my name
Up to the wind
And is waiting for me.
While I ride Ileave behind
There is a great fate
Depending on my deeds
It's time to show
The secrets of the night
The hidden realm is starting to...
Reveal it's might In the wood
It's a force that never can be won
'cause it live in our minds
Reality, fantasy,
Where's the limit,
Where is the distance
Between these two real worlds.
It lives in the hearts
Of those who believe
It's fighting to regain
All the pride, all the majesty.
I feel the magic
Flowing from the trees
It's like a breeze that
Is surrounding this old wood
I am the last
Of the former holy man
I come from the land
Of the fairies and the nymphs.