Paroles de The Pill

You wined me and dined meWhen I was your girlPromised if I?d be your wifeYou?d show me the worldBut all I?ve seen of this old worldIs a bed and a doctor billI?m tearin? down your brooder house?Cause now I?ve got the pillAll these years I?ve stayed at homeWhile you had all your funAnd every year thats gone byAnother babys comeThere?s a gonna be some changes madeRight here on nursery hillYou?ve set this chicken your last time?Cause now I?ve got the pillThis old maternity dress I?ve gotIs goin? in the garbageThe clothes I?m wearin? from now onWon?t take up so much yardageMiniskirts, hot pants and a few little fancy frillsYeah I?m makin? up for all those yearsSince I?ve got the pillI?m tired of all your crowin?How you and your hens playWhile holdin? a couple in my armsAnother?s on the wayThis chicken?s done tore up her nestAnd I?m ready to make a dealAnd ya can?t afford to turn it down?Cause you know I?ve got the pillThis incubator is overusedBecause you?ve kept it filledThe feelin? good comes easy nowSince I?ve got the pillIt?s gettin? dark it?s roostin? timeTonight?s too good to be realOh but daddy don?t you worry none?Cause mama?s got the pillOh daddy don?t you worry none?Cause mama?s got the pill