Van Lear Rose cover

Story Of My Life Paroles

Loretta Lynn

Album Van Lear Rose

Paroles de Story Of My Life

Well here's the story of my life
Listen and I'll tell it twice

Well I was born in hold Kentucky
In them hills where folks are lucky
And it's paradise to me

Well I got a feller right over the hill
If he asks me to marry well I know I will
He asked me to marry got kids of four
And I'm telling you
I don't want no more

Doo got me a guitar
I wrote me a song
Moved to Nashville, it wasn't long
'Till I was on the Grand Ole Opry

We bought us a mansion on a hill
Livin big like we were big deals
Scarlett O'Hara in Gone With the Wind
I was pregnant again
Oh gee, oh Lord, I swear
The babies are comin' in pars

Well some big shot form Hollywood No me and Doo, married forty-eight years
Six kids later a lot of laughter and tears
I have to say that I've been blessed
Not bad for this ol' Kentucky girl I guess
Well, here's the story of y life
Listen and I'll tell it twice