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Loretta Lynn

Paroles Mama, Why

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Paroles de Mama, Why (Oh mama why did God take my daddy?) ('Cause I'd been good just like he said to be) (I heard daddy pray, dear Lord don't take me from them) (Oh mama, why did God take him from me?) Come here son, you've asked mama somethin' That's even hard for me to understand For there's one thing I do know Daddy wouldn't wanna see those tears in the eyes of this big man. So stop cryin' now and listen real careful To every word mama has to say, you see son God picks the sweetest most beautiful flowers that grow And he makes them the brightest shiniest stars that glow. Now daddy talked with the Lord every day And daddy and God'll be real close So let's just say it seems that God takes The ones he loves the most. (Oh mama, why did God take my daddy?) Son you haven't heard a word that mama said So come on now let's say your prayers And mama tuck you in bed. And we must have questioned God 'Cause he already has everything planned And honey daddy can't ever come back to us Though we can go to him. (Oh mama, why did God take him from me?)

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