Say U Love Me cover

Frenemy Paroles

Laure Milan

Album Say U Love Me

Paroles de Frenemy

If you think that everything's ok
Well then you got it all wrong
How you could you think that we were still the same
With everything you've done?
I never thought I'd ever see the day
When I'd want you to be gone
But it seems we weren't friends anyway

I didn't know your reputation
For messing up a situation
You had a full time occupation
Spreading all of your lies
Wasting much of my time
I didn't know your reputation
You were a perfect imitation
Of the friendly kind
But you're not a friend of mine
Oh it's so funny

And now you come here asking me “why”
But don't u see the answer right in my eyes
Sick and tired of alibis
Friendship does have a cost, time to take the loss
Best believe how much I really tried
Nothing u say would make ever it right
cause some lines can't be crossed and some rules can't be lost

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