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A Song I Wrote During Writer's Block Paroles

Look I'm Burning

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Paroles de A Song I Wrote During Writer's Block

Do you regret the price you paid to become what you are? Is the final product to your satisfaction. Wrong turns and bad memories are non refundable. Are you so desperate for change that you?d mutilate everything you are? Would you learn from your mistakes or would you just make them all over again.

The only way out of this glass house is to break the walls. Would you risk the cuts for a chance to breathe?

It?s easier to lose your words when you?re running short of breath. The air is getting thin. How can you face yourself when you don?t recognize who you are?
Marks on the wall. Signs of struggle. Did you not want to be here or did you not want to go. Isn?t it funny how everything finds a way to be out of place?

Trying to wake with open eyes. Were the wounds worth the air?