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Not Another Siren Song Paroles

Look I'm Burning

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Paroles de Not Another Siren Song

All aboard the sinking ship. And then there were violins playing for me. I?m in obsessive rage. I could never rid my head of these melodies. She sings for me so beautifully. I could never forget what she sang to me.

I know what you?re thinking. Because I?m thinking the same. I know what you?re thinking. Because it?s written all over your face.

Strike me deaf from that song amongst the waves. If it hasn?t already taken hold of me. I hate this so much because I need it more than anything.
All aboard the sinking ships.

Siren, oh siren. Sing me sweet oblivion. We are trying so hard to fight this tide. Under blackened skies. Hoping to see the sun one last time. This storm will never die. No life boats can save us now. The vessel?s going down.