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Paroles de Life's A Beach Stand up straight. Take a bow. Do what you?re told. Don?t ask how. Take what you get. Put it to waste. Chasing thrills at reckless pace. Fall in love. Fall apart. Assume there?s no half to your heart. Shaking hands cover your face. Could you survive another day?

We open our eyes. We follow broken clocks. We stare at flashing lights. We lock ourselves inside. We drown our sorrows. We burn our memories. We fill these empty holes. We poison antidotes.

More than regrets can fade. More than tears can dry. More than hearts can break. More than dreams can die.

Forget what you?re told. Believe what you see. It?s not how long you survive. It?s how you stay alive.

Life is just a natural thing that we do.
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