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Blood Harvest: Farmhouse Finale (Reloading) Paroles

Look I'm Burning

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Paroles de Blood Harvest: Farmhouse Finale (Reloading)

Run like hell. Welcome to the land of the dead. Get out your shotguns let?s paint the town red. Through the chaos and bloodshed. With every step being watched. Knowing all hope is gone. Knowing that outside these walls all we are is running prey.

Running for our lives. Running out of places to hide. They?re coming from all sides. The world keeps getting smaller. Forget everything that you know. They are all human no longer.

They have no hearts. That?s why you SHOOT THEM IN THE HEAD.
The horde is closing in. Bloodlust is taking control. There is nothing left. Too few alive, too many dead. We?re the only ones alive so shoot everything else. They?re out for blood tonight. We have only bullets to trade. Quiet. So quiet now. Hit the lights. Don?t make a sound. Too few alive (reload, reload). Too many dead (reload, reload).