Paroles de Valentino

And this is why I wish I could be just like Spencer Tracy
But I don't have the build or the poise
And I'm a few pounds shy
If I were more like Spencer,
I might not carry this handful of broken fingers
Just cause I saw Valentino smoking under a streetlight

I swear I'm stone-cold sober.
I can't believe my eyes
But I'm not going over
I just hold back and hide
Then again, the light spread all around him like wings

I saw Valentino
Saint Valentino

I held back fifteen years or more
Falling in love with the lover
Watching the saint with a roll-up
Resisting the urge to go over
Until I couldn't help it
So I crept into the wings and halo

I said, “You look like Valentino.”

He grabbed me by the hair and threw me down, It was just the same thing, all over.