Paroles de Pele

I'm still in the cupboard
Because big women look much worse than big men
And I'm a fifteen stone defender
The clothes that I have stowed away
Simply accentuate my weight
But big is beautiful
Well, not here
I'm not a Vanity Fair case

That slim-fit wet suit is not you
That black lace negligee is not you
That satin dinner dress is not you
Those sexy kitten heels are not you

It's such a bore
This Babylon and on, the booze and babes
And I'm up to here
With playing down the wings and clueless forwards
(And fucking score-draws)
A perfect journey
To Dietrich, Judy Garland, or Fay Wray
But I doubt I'll ever start it
I'll stick to Pele
Wounded astronauts
And the shell-suit craze

But I'm sick of headcase racist jibes
Sick of deep-fried arteries