Paroles de Cop

Cop says if I say a word, he'll kill me
Climbing into his boxers
Dead-end street, skulking in a doorway
With his pants 'round his ankles

Jerk-off over a weekend T.V. guide
Why high
Game show and the stars have caught in ratings

Cop says weekend T.V. beats the tabloids
There's no competition
Color spreads out miles ahead if you ask him
They're swimming with pin-ups
He's not the kind for the slime of gangster gel, himself
More a man for a bird in the hand and a backstreet

This cop says that he'll buy the Coca-Cola
And we'll go to McDonald's
If I don't go come he'll split my head wide open
It's all over good fun
Burger King's a pick-up joint for fags and hags
He says McDonald's does a wicked chicken burger

Color spreads a soft porn (x2)
Color spreads like soft porn
College-bred's a sophomore
Color spreads as soft porn