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Paroles de Another Castle

We fly far away, dispelled from a world now dead to an ever dimming sunrise seen through her transient eyes. Fly far away from a world now dead. Freeze frame, play back. Flash back, surprise attack, no one knows, but I know where I stand, and it blinds me. Flash back, surprise attack, no one knows...I know this light won't follow me, so don't follow me there. I let out an earth sigh through a signal sent pervasive as the wind. I know this light won't follow me there, so don't follow me there...and even when the world abandons you, I swear I'll find a way as your world falls apart...and when the poison spreads through fiber-optic viral lies, only to find out that there's nothing here at all. What I fear more than anything else in this world is the thought of becoming complacent...resign my mind, resign my body and my dreams to a cage unchanging...and when the seasons pass and everyone has left me, I'll find my way to the end of the world. Everyone quiet, I'm at the hardest part and I am down to my last life. Despite my words, despite all my time, and I've been searching since God knows when...I can no longer take it. It's time to turn this off