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Binaca Paroles

Live Percenters

Album The Corners Involved

Paroles de Binaca

Now hear this?
Ever heard this bout superficial, artificial
Plastic wanna be MCs
But we call that rapper
We don't cater, we bring the danger
Original 9 percenters
So watch you as we enter

Sometimes I get nice, shot 18 no ice
Hey I'm black got me feeling guilty like Shawn Price
Turn around and explain those uniform stripes
Some of the truest on ice set his unicorn ice
Do not see you at the table is that you deserve price
Season of the throne but booty's a nightmare
House with the dealers but never roll no dice
Lear truth hot as her when you've been told twice
Trust my inner voice cause I usually ignore advice
That's lay back more years slay back more slice
Gold stand in diamonds come stand in all
Of the top of an addict got the badges on smile
What starts a new style coach a new cool
Till it raise no pump mama raise no fool
Old schools to the stupid, refuse to do reunions
Pardon me and my vision
For pursuing my visions Sometimes I get loose of orange juice and vodka
Fight all come on need to get up
Your style my steesh nothing in common
They think I'm too much
That's a current state
I'll be me I'm doing speed that's a problem
Five percenters and the place to be
Be, be honest
Everything we drop will keep the people up running
Cut the head cut the hammer
Strictly for the heads
If you were hungry should've said so
But do it today for slick rap rhymes
Pardon me like we nice in this problem
If you could be and we could chat
Start a breakfast program
Get those kids aware
The true is with the little
But not the rocking time system sipping ginger bread


Make you feel alive like you just was born
You though you had skills but yo pages got thorn
Fought the hard way you've never been around miles
Let's say what I say, there ain't enough of us
You know enough to bluff
That is just other stuff
Fire talking, talking cut
Speak up and open up
Talk don't mean it so fast
So if the lips move first don't mean you gonna last
Cause I've been up all night perfecting out crowds
God give the lesser life a pen in the path
Sort of what you wish you had
But never had to lend a hand
Even protect your fam
Look in reflection
You can't protect that, you can't respect
Come on you're next
We've all been blessed
Whipped by intentions
Provide the incentive