Paroles de Saturday

Emily, you're definitely, gonna get away with it this time,
And maybe, it's not so hard, you promised me that you're fine,

Be kind
Trust me,
Cut loose
Set free
Great time,
Cheap wine,
Those Secret Saturdays are what we're needing (Now)

I know they are gone, but I've learned over time,
That these memories are memories, just stories in my mind,
We can do it again, repeat every word we ever said,
Just make this promise now, that this remains in your head.

You're crazy, but strangely, I love you anyway,
We'll laugh all night, fall about the place, and when we ache, I'll just bake you a cake if -

You're kind,
You'll find
That it's best to keep it simple,
(Close)Your eyes
Sleep tight
Those secret saturdays are what we're wanting (now)

Please leave, please leave
I know you're going to be okay,
Please leave, please leave,
There's nothing wrong with throwing it all away,
Dream me, Dream me,
You know it's better off this way,
Dance with me, Dance with me,
Like it's new year's eve, Emily, dance with me tonight