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Paroles de The Pulling Pain

I still remember where we've been
Where'd we begin
It was different then and you can't pretend
We're not there again
Again I wake and I can't fake
This for our sake
It bends and breaks, sure there's mistakes
That's what it takes
I ran away, I couldn't stay
Another day (so I flow)
So far behind, I've been so blinded
All this time (by the glow)
Can I return, the hands have turned
What have I learned (where you'd go)
Are you still there, how could you care
It still isn't fair (and I know)

I'm the fool now (did you know that)
Time let me down (did you know that)
I'll come around (did you know that)
I need you now (did you know that)

Could you feel like I feel
So surreal (did you know that)
Still it seems I can't see
What you need (did you know that)
I'm still waiting for the
End of my lonely heart
You'd think by now I could
Plant my foot and start
Fall back one more time to
Grieve for my lonely heart
I can't rebuild until I
Finally get myself apart

Did you know that now
I can't fake this frown
Time, it let me down
I don't know where I'm bound
Still, I'll come around
There's something here I've found
The feeling it surrounds
I know I need you now