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Paroles de The Holding Hand

We were young once, and the distance cried
It was nameless, so the years replied
And you found this, found what life would be
And I found you, It was you and me
And we're seamless, and we can't wear down
Have you seen this, I can't force a frown
We can keep this, all the shapeless glee
I believe this, believe in you and me

Faintly now I sense we are the
Connected ones, you and me
Wait for now the time will come when
I'm with you, and there we'll be

Should I notice every time you stare
Every time the light sneaks through your hair
Every vacant smile, every soundless plea
Every time my thoughts, drift to you and me
I can feel your pain when you close your eyes
I'd console that smile when your heart denies
What you long for now, but I doubt you'd see
What I see in you, what you mean to me

You can see it, see what I mean
I need you, and you need me
Where this goes its up to you it Do you think I can tell
If you would hold my hand
If it was me and you for eternity
Would that be enough
Would you be happy