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Paroles de The Growing Love

Through these cells I spread
I'm here to change the way this
Body's learned to be
And once it sees you shining
It wont want to stay
Will it be too late for these
Tired limbs to sway
And in the wind I'll see you
Coming back to me
And when you return I will
Lean into the spade
Uproot me from this life I've
Slowly grown to hate
I don't remember why I
Ever lived this way

Through the earth I wade
I'll find the sky before I
Rest my weary head
I need the light to show me
Where my life will fade
Once I stand looking down the
Path my choices led
But will I find you gray and
Happy where you lay
Or will I find that you have Space you held in me

Everything is done
Now it seems you've won
And I'm lost
All I need is time
Now the setting sun
Sheds a sad smile from
Where you were
All you need is time
We'll melt back to none
We were never one
All along
All we need is time
Memories they're fun
The projector's run
Far too long
Growing dark in time
Everything still done
Through the black I run
Reaching out
For your hand this time