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Paroles de The Darker Depths

If I could protect myself from this
I'd lose something like what I just repressed
If I could review this anymore
The darker depths would churn until I'm sore

Regret, the bruise still sore
I'll wring my flesh, I'll bleed some more
The tide is high, my strength is wore
The blue abyss consumes the shore
Awaken again, the dreams so real
My chest constricts cause I still feel
Cerulean breaths, and midnights grip
The ocean pours in through my lips

If I could protect myself from this
I'd seldom fail until I felt obsessed
If I could review this anymore
The darker depths would crawl out of my core

If I could restrain my insides now
They'd rupture in, I can't allow
This rage to show, this pain to breathe
This cage to grow, this bane to grieve
Madness waits below this thread
Unraveling slow, this heart is dead
The swirling sands that pour my life If I could review this anymore
The darker depths would leave me on the floor

Try and let it all out again
This is my last theft
Screaming, I can hear them within
Psychotic silouettes
I take a breath, hold it in my lungs
Like a ciggarette, don't forget
What's waiting on my tongue
My room to regret
I could let this cycle on
Endless in retrospect
This spectral set spins me like a
Pronoun pieroette
Deeper depths, diving down beyond
My darkest debts
Drowning yet, all I can see around
Are damper deaths now
Try and tie me down again
I'm rabid from the hate and
I ain't even trying to spit
This shit just salivates it
Acclimates out from the lip
It slips, at this rate
I'll pull the curves flat off the vinyl
And set the record strait
No debate
All of the years, the fears
Decimate, while you wait
And just so you know, my soul
It hasn't told me
The hands within which you hold
So cold, can't console me
And when I finally explode
You can't control me
Once you only need my
Presence as a reply
It's already goodbye
You may not understand why
But nothing I could tell you
Could ever get my hell through
To you, and now I think I'm losing it
Like you, who knew, turning tides
Pulling me, first to fall
Deeper still, looking back
No return after all
Everything coming down
Spinning round, like a drain
Here I sit, in the black
Wondering who to blame