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Paroles de Insideout

I can't feel
I can't feel this
I can't feel
I can't feel this anymore

Can't feel the rain, it's still falling
And down my skin the beads crawling
So slowly now, are they're stalling
So far from here, the cold's calling

Raindrops hit the top of my head (I can't feel)
What I've heard, no matter who said (I can't feel)
What you want, can't feel what you need (I can't feel)
Where I'm bound, but I'm picking up speed (I can't feel)

Can't stand the way that you see me
I don't know how else I can be
Mistakes are still right behind me
I won't lose them so easily

Thin lights casting shadows at dawn (I can't feel)
The pavement that I'm stepping upon (I can't feel)
Cold breaths while I'm thinking too much (I can't feel)
Hours pass, and I'm still losing touch (I can't feel)

A memory when you were still there Stab wounds from the empty syringe (I can't feel)
My stomach tighten, thoughts making me cringe (I can't feel)
Inverted scenes on the back of my eyes (I can't feel)
What I see, I'm dehumanized

While vision fades the world's blurry
I spiral down in no hurry
I wish that you wouldn't worry
You can keep that piece of me

I'm feeling you when you're falling
I'm on the ground and I'm crawling
I'm reaching out and you're stalling
Can you hear me now, I'm calling

Is anything left when I look within
When I'm inside out or still right side in
Feeling still fades away with the wind
I'll walk back into myself again
I don't know which way I can go when
I follow you and I know I can't win
Was there a time somewhere that we've been
I could hold you and you would give in
All the regret would fall away and
I would exhale and you would breathe in
Everything else was trivial when
I always knew that I'd see you again