Paroles de Goodbye

Once upon a time it was the end
Through all the stories here we stand again
You only knew me while you ran away
I want to be there, but you won't stay

I really love you, but it's hard to say
I really needed you, but not today
Would you forget me if I left for good
I still can't say it, but I knew you would

If I could touch you one more time it'd sustain
But now I feel there's nothing left to gain
And fear is for those with someone they could lose
Time doesn't mean much to a soul who won't choose

I really love you but it's hard
You never would let down your guard
I really needed you but now
I see you could never allow
Will you forget me when I'm gone
And still remember why I'm wrong
How could I say it when you know
I still can't stand to see you go

Every time you glanced at me I
Every time I smiled inside Every time you'd watch me walk by
Every time I left you behind

Did you notice (me) notice me I (was)
I was right there, right there most times
I remember (but) but do you define (me)
As the one you could leave behind
I could never (never) ever keep my (eyes)
Off of you then, need I remind
I'm addicted (but) I can't fight time (now)
Turn around and just say goodbye