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In The Shade Of Nephilim Paroles


Album Solitary Impact

Paroles de In The Shade Of Nephilim

Beauty of the night
Betrayed my soul
For her carnal taste I mourn ..

Arise from your slumber
Take me by the hand
Through elysium we wander
Ruins of a forgotten land

Her luscious body defiled
Lays cold in the mud
Till her memories r revived
Unleashed, now she haunts

Dance to the ancient moon to celibacy
of our archaic rites my sweet misery
Swirl and whirl in unison
with the macabric call

Kiss the raging flesh in despondency
The promise in her eyes, raw ,amatory
Blood and sweat, the key to eternity
For the scarred eyes of our tragedy

Mistress of the night invoked by my lechery
For her alone, I cry in agony you reappeared again