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Paroles de My only girl

My only girl

My only girl

((Kaysha) Luccie @ Sony ATV music publishing)

Please don't leave me girl

I'm all that you need yeah

I've made all the sacrifices to bring you joy up to now

Please try to to understand

It was a one night stand and I know I'm such

A stupid fool, but I don't deserve you leaving me

Oh na na na na na na

You can throw my stuff

You can tear my letters

but u can't take me out my life, yes im here to stay yeah

your the one i need

your the one i?ll bleed for

and i?m here to make your life complete with me my babygirl

i know a man like me

di dont deserve another chance

but u all got and u make me complete

ah yeah

a girl like

with a boy like me

can u foregive me