Album No. 8 cover

Joy Paroles

Katie Melua

Album Album No. 8

Paroles de Joy

You're like moonlight on the river
And I'm looking for that silver
Whatever it takes
I'm not gonna stop till I have to

It's so tempting to give up now
When the air is getting colder
I say to myself everyone else
Thinks it's over

Well I'm ready to end this game
Cause nothing's gonna make a change

And then you show me kindness
And then you show me laughter
And then you show me joy
Out of nowhere joy

Think I'm too soft to make that killing
And I'm too old for all that wishing
A woman who deals better than me
Could be here now

It's like I'm gathering up my faith
And I haven't felt the sun for days
And then you show me kindness When I get out of here
I'll find my way back again
I'll likely get lost on the crowded streets
I'll grip with my teeth
I'll weep at somebody's feet
I'll cling to your heart
So when I think of your name

It's for your kindness
And for your laughter
And for your joy
Let me feel that joy