Face Behind The Face cover

Radio Paroles

Karl Wolf

Album Face Behind The Face

Paroles de Radio

Made me low and sabotaged my moving on
Why? Every time im feeling cool
A song just brings me back to you

Like TEVO, plays re-runs
It's like déjà vu
When every time I feel we're through
Someone sings me back to you

Makes me believe in love
Believe in love
Believe in love

1515 we started out
2513 we fell in love
and 1270 we broke up

I cover up when im at work
Cause this business makes me cold
I was all good to go


We're arguing, we're throwing things
I'm holding back profanities
Neighbors looking over
She's not sober
And her friends start judging me
Yeah, then I open my eyes
And realize the game
I've woken up finally
Just 3 years later

FM's the smoking gun
And it caught me on the run
It started breaking bones you see
Stop this blinding, set me free

(Thanks to becca for these lyrics)