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Album The Lost Secrets 10 - Ep

Paroles de The Journey

It feels like a part of me
is falling asleep
And there will be
no chance for awakening

The ship of death awaits me to embark
An endless journey - the ascension of mine

I stand in front of the holy shrine
But I forever renounce Christ

I thought to leave - forever the light
when I had the never known wisdom
to cast a forgotten spell of sight

To open the hidden gate to freedom
of the ones who rest - forever in peace

I follow myself - to the ruins of pain
Where old wounds do open wide

Hurted by drops of blood - the red rain
of remembrance that will never remain

I imagine their souls - uneven in the dark
No chance for being released
as grave candles illuminate the grief

Believe in Me!
For my soul I have found...