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Sea Of Bitterness Paroles


Album Utmost Schizophrenia

Paroles de Sea Of Bitterness

In the moonlight his tears do glint
Bitterness is overwhelming his emotions
As they hit the coldness of the ground
Where they form that crystal lake
In which he drowns his thoughts and cries
A silent shiver passes on his skin
At the thought of bygone times
He is afraid that he cannot forget
The feelings that there used to be

A withering beauty dies with a cry for help
Her mourning thoughts once filled this emptiness
One soul is left alone with this awful pain

He kneels in the waves of desire
Which tries to wash him away
His eyes - they still are burning
As crying on his knees he sways
He falls towards this soil of tears
Sinking into this forgotten misery
With open arms he receives his fears
He knows this is what he will regret

Hidden he obeys his heart, crying for mercy
His breath is slowing down - his pulse is flattening
Take him away from this harming reality
Hold him in your cold arms and make him no longer exist
Tear him down and wipe his eyes

This burden shall be left behind
A new world is waiting for him
Staring through a window
Onto the fields of the abandoned
This is where his life once has ended

Memories still seem to be chasing him
Too much dreams are left
Forlorn dreams of a living one
Much too sad to forget

He is singing his elegy again
With the will to never just give in
Trying to escape what he can't avoid

So he shall rest in peace
Without his beloved ones
Whom he now has to release
In the minute he has gone
The last pound of his heart
Can be heard as a cry ...