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Uneasy rider Paroles

Julian Dawson

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Paroles de Uneasy rider

room service help me take away these blues

they hit me every time I see bad news

I kept the faith as long as I can
I drove up Calvary in a transit van

I was hooked on danger and hooked on sin

hooked on lust and adrenaline

till the mirror told me I'm out of touch

to have so little and to own so much

so I'll light a candle and I'll draw that sign

burn the incense like back in '69

to raise the spirit that moved us then

maybe that magic can rescue us again
though yourspirit and your dreams have gone

uneasy rider we need you now

we've lost the contact to our hearts somehow

there's no foundation we've got no roots

so we buy blue jeans and cowboy boots

see the young grow idle as idols grow old

see teenage beggars sleeping in the cold

our kids can't play in the sun anymore

we can't make love but we can still make war

(I heard that Dennis Hopper's making Easy Rider Two)