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The spark of human kindness Paroles

Julian Dawson

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Paroles de The spark of human kindness

Julian Dawson - The spark of human kindness

they illuminate like light-bulbs when she walks into the room
whatever it is she has it and she knows

and the only burning question as she sips her lemonade

is who she's taking with her when she goes

they'll be searching for the same thing as they struggle in the dark

the spark of human kindness that illuminates the heart

and all your paints and powders and hi-fi in your homes

won't warm you when the wind begins to blow

we're hopeless and we're godless at one and the same time

and the more you see the more there is to know

you can drive with both eyes open and never see the hole

that's waiting for you further up the road

but the souls of all the children who are waiting to be born

are crying in the darkness to be heard

and when this world is left to locusts and every bullet found its mark

they'll search for human kindness to illuminate the dark