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Slipping away Paroles

Julian Dawson

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Paroles de Slipping away

Julian Dawson - Slipping away

all aboard the roller coaster for the final day
you better have your ticket 'cause it's leaving soon

you know whatever's coming's coming anyway

don't wait too long or it may leave without you

and they say that love is as easy as ABC

then someone tell me why I find it is so hard

a long time I thought love was out there looking for me

then I turned around and found it in my own back yard

if I could walk a while in someone else's shoes

when everywhere that face is staring back at me

I hear the voice calling and I can't refuse

all aboard the roller coaster for the final ride

the carnival is over now it's time to pay

wrap yourself in leather but inside you're cold

'cause all the time you know you're only slipping away